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Blood Tests

Labtests online
This is a website from The United States that has information concerning blood tests and clinical lab testing. It is a lot of information on many topics so don’t be deterred by the amount of information that appears initially on the screen. The link given goes directly to a web-page that describes blood test tips. If you type in the test you want more information about in the search box you can find more information about blood tests also. This web-site has general information which could be helpful for families and carers, as well as more specific information which could be helpful for health care professionals.

Clinical Testing and Research

This US based website explains the reasons behind blood tests and what some of the tests might mean for the patient. It explains what a blood test is and some of the most common blood tests.

This website is from the United Kingdom and outlines various medical issues. It is a collaboration between doctors and various health professionals who write, edit and update the contents of every week. The link that has been given is a specific link to information about blood tests. The information is easy to read and understand. There are many topics that are covered in this website and you can search for any of those topics using the search engine provided.