Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (QCIDD) has developed web-based educational material for adults with intellectual disabilities, their families and carers. These web pages outline the steps involved in some common health procedures that people with intellectual disabilities need to complete as part of their general health care. These steps are known as desensitisation programs.

Sometimes people with intellectual disabilities have difficulty in understanding what will happen to them during a particular procedure. This can be very distressing to them. Thus QCIDD has developed step-by step written instructions on how each medical procedure is completed. The procedures include:

  • Blood Tests
  • CT Head Scans
  • Abdominal X-Rays

Aim of Desensitisation Programs

The aim is to educate adults with intellectual disabilities and their carers in the procedures. Carers and family members can then go through the steps involved in each procedure and help the person with intellectual disabilities to understand what to expect. If required, the carer can desensitise the person to each or all of the steps of the procedure.

The following web pages give general information about desensitisation programmes:

Specific Desensitisation Programs