The QCIDD research strategy's mission is to develop and conduct research that improves the lives of people with intellectual disability.

In working to fulfil this mission, the QCIDD research team aims to:

  1. Generate an evidence base that addresses research gaps relating to how to imrpove the health and wellbeing of people with intellectual and developmental disability
  2. Disseminate policy and practice-relevant research findings to professionals in the intellectual and developmental disability and other health fields
  3. Advocate for the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disability in national health and wellbeing surveys and 'mainstream' health research
  4. Supervise undergraduate and post-graduate students and support them to develop projects and publications that contribute to the evidence base relating to people with intellectual and developmental disability
  5. Present research findings to key stakeholders and participants including poeple with intellectual and developmental disability, their families, support services and associated health professionals.

To find out more about our research projects, please contact the QCIDD Director of Research, Associate Professor David Harley:

Tel: +61 7 3163 2412