An abdominal x ray is a medical procedure whereby a radiology technologist takes photos of the inside of your abdomen or stomach.

With any medical procedure there can be fear associated with it. For people with intellectual disabilities, this fear can be even more extreme, simply because they are not sure of what is going to happen to them. This website will take you through the journey of getting an abdominal x -ray. It will outline the major steps involved as well as giving some educational material on what an x-ray is and what you need to do before, and after, an abdominal x-ray.

Desensitisation Programs for Having an Abdominal X Ray

There are various desensitisation programs following with different information. There is a version for people with intellectual disabilities and one for carers and/or professionals. If you have difficulty in downloading information from the Internet, then click on the desensitisation program without pictures. Abdominal x rays can be completed either when standing (erect) or lying down (non-erect) depending on what the doctor has ordered. The two different types are outlined below.

For People with Intellectual Disabilities

For Carers or Professionals

General Information about Abdominal X Rays