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This online course series is free and open to anyone interested in improving healthcare for people with intellectual disability.

A certificate is offered on completion. If you need proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed the online course, you can purchase a verified certificate from edX (USD$99).

ABLE101x – Through my Eyes focuses on the stories of people with intellectual disability around the world, and their families and supporters. Over four parts, students will look at the barriers and enablers to healthcare for people with intellectual disability, their experience of specific syndromes and communication difficulties, and how they stay healthy. Students will listen to family members speaking about complex care, rare syndromes, early death, and planning for independence. The final component focuses on the history of treatment, the impact of rights’ movements on healthcare delivery, common health conditions, and health promotion.

ABLE201x – Well and Able examines the specific physical health issues that affect people with an intellectual disability including, oral health, syndrome specific health issues, health communication, especially for non-verbal patients, sexual health, and interactions between tertiary and primary healthcare systems. There is a special section on complex care including issues associated with aging and spasticity, and the health impacts of epilepsy.

ABLE301x – Able-Minded focuses on the mental health issues of people with intellectual disability. Students learn about the complexities of diagnosing mental health issues in people with intellectual disabilities and the types of disorders, assessments, screenings, and treatments used. There is a special focus on the legal and ethical complexities in health practice with patients who often require substituted consent.

These courses are open to all.  They be used as workforce education for medical, allied health, education, and disability professionals.


MOOC ABLEx Series Intellectual Disability Healthcare

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