After 60 years together, UQ and Endeavour make it official

24 Sep 2015

They may have been working together for years to improve life for people with disabilities, but the partnership between The University of Queensland and Endeavour Foundation has now been made official.

Endeavour Foundation, which works to provide opportunities for people with a disability, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the university, solidifying a partnership almost 60 years old.

The MOU outlines plans for collaboration to develop tertiary programs that boost participation and achievement for students with an intellectual disability, build a comprehensive pool of resources for research and education, and to take joint leadership in investigating new such opportunities.

UQ Executive Director (Operations) Maurie McNarn said the signing came at a significant time, as the university celebrated its centenary and Endeavour Foundation its 60th anniversary.

“It’s remarkable to learn how many instances of collaboration we have shared over the decades,” he said.

Among these collaborations have been the Literacy and Technology education program Latch-On, which provides literacy program to young adults with an intellectual disability. It was developed by the UQ School of Education, commercialised by Uniquest and delivered by Endeavour Foundation throughout Australia.

The UQ School of Education and the School of Medicine, particularly the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (QCIDD) continue the medical care and clinical research in areas affecting people with a disability. Endeavour Foundation has been a research partner with QCIDD on the development of Comprehensive Health Assessment Program, which is now distributed through Uniquest.

More recently, the Student Health Advocate program was developed to ensure medical students could learn in partnership with Endeavour Foundation clients, helping them to appreciate the challenges around disability they can face in general practice.

These were just some examples of how the UQ and Endeavour Foundation had collaborated, Mr McNarn said.

“It is remarkable to see the ongoing alignment between the University of Queensland and Endeavour Foundation, and this memorandum aims to enhance those collaborations,” he said.

“Today we see even wider collaboration, with UQ Business school MBA students talking logistics and supply chain improvements, in order to assist the commercial businesses run by Endeavour Foundation.”

Years before Sir Fred Schonell became Vice-Chancellor of UQ, he was involved in the early days of the Endeavour Foundation. He served as inaugural president of the foundation from 1951 to 1967.

The relationship between both university and foundation has remained since then. Today, Endeavour Foundation Chairman Grant Murdoch also serves on the UQ Senate.

Endeavour Foundation CEO David Barbagallo said the partnership was an exciting one and he thanked the university for its ongoing support.

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