Some people with Diabetes have to do blood glucose tests.

illustration of test strip for blood glucose test

This test will tell if your blood glucose levels are:

Good smiley face   OK neutral face Bad sad face


Your levels are an indication for you to decide what sort of food, drink and exercise you need to have.

Do you Have to have Blood Tests?

Tick if you have blood tests

tick for yescross for no

pencilIf you have to have blood tests, write in the clocks the times you have them


clockface   clockface  clockface  clockface

clockface  clockface  clockface  clockface


tick symbolTick which part of the blood glucose test you do by yourself .

photo of person getting test kit  Get the Blood Glucose Testing Kit

  photo of washing hands  Wash Hands 

photo of blood glucose test machine  Insert the Strip into the Machine


photo of pricking finger to get blood sample Prick the Side of Finger with the Lancet  

 photo of sharps bin  Dispose of the Lancet into the Sharps container


symbol of finger with drop of blood Press Finger to Squeeze out a Drop of Blood and Put on the Strip

  photo of blood glucose test machine  Wait for Results


   Write the Results in Diary


Ask what the result is and what I need to do.

Your doctor will tell you what you blood glucose level should be.


"Low" blood glucose level may be because you have :

                     Missed Eating a  Meal   


                  Not Eaten Enough Carbohydrates  


      Had too much Medication or Insulin


"High" blood glucose level may be because you have:


               Eaten too much Fatty or Sugary Food          


  Not Taken your Diabetes Medication or Insulin     


                   Not Done Enough Exercise


Or been Sick




If you blood glucose levels are low or high you need to tell somebody who can help you.