injecting insulin into abdomen
All people with type 1 diabetes and some people with type 2 diabetes need to use insulin.

D1                  D2                    insulin and syringe



Your doctor will tell you if you need insulin and the dosage and when you have to have it.

doctor              insulin                    clock


syringe     Insulin can only be given by injection

injecting insulin into abdomen
diabetes educator  A Diabetes Educator can teach you how to give yourself insulin injections.



Tick one of the boxes to let us know if you have insulin injections


          Yes                                     No

    tick                             cross



    tick           If you have insulin injections, tick when you have them.











 Before the meal          During the meal         After the meal


You need to eat straight away after having insulin.

Insulin needs foods like:


pasta            bowl of cereal            beans           bread             rice

Pasta                       Cereal                    Beans                     Bread                       Rice


If you are not at home when it is time for your insulin, you will have to take your insulin out with you.


person lying in hospital bed


   Tick which part of the insulin injection you can do yourself

getting insulin kit  Getting the insulin


dialing up insulin dosage     Dialing up the insuling dosage


giving self injection of insulin     Giving yourself the insulin injection


question mark   Asking someone else to give me the insulin injection


image to use to show person preference for insulin injection site Showing the person where I prefer the insulin injection


sharps container      Disposing of the needle myself into a sharps container.



writing up insulin dosage     Writing up insulin dosage


pencil    Draw a circle on the body to show you prefer your insulin injection


outline of human igure