How Food Gives Your Body Energy

Food gives your body energy to do things like walking, shopping and also thinking.

man and woman on a walking for exercise

When You Eat

flow chart of what happens when you eat food


What is Glucose?

jelly beans

Glucose is another name for sugar. Sugar can be hard to see in food.

Here are some foods with sugar in them:

cake                 jar of jam                    can of soft drink                  ice cream

   Cake                          Jam                   Soft  Drink              Ice Cream


Why Your Body Needs Insulin           

Sometimes insulin in your body does not work properly.

Sometimes your body does not make enough insulin.

cross   syringe and insulin

When your insulin does not work properly it can't get glucose into your body parts for energy.

Glucose builds up in the blood.

Lots of glucose in your blood is known as high blood glucose.

High blood glucose is bad for your body.

This is called diabetes.

Diabetes can make you feel tired, thirsty and go to the toilet a lot to pass urine.


person falling asleep on keyboardperson perspiring

                              Tired                                                                    Sweaty


person looking confusedperson entereing toilet

                       Confused                                                        Going to the toilet a lot


           person crying                          person drinking from water bottle

                            Teary                                                                       Thirsty


If you take care of your diabetes, you will feel much better and stronger.

If you do not take care of your diabetes you can develop problems with your:

eye     foot         set of scales

  Eyes             Feet              Weight