What to take to your Medical Appointment


what to take to a doctors appointment checklist

 What to tell the Doctor and other Diabetes Specialists

It will help if you can write down, or ask someone to write down for you, why you are going to the doctor.

You can give this to your doctor or use it if you get nervous and forget.


diagram showing what to say at a doctors appointment


If you are not sure what the doctor is saying, ASK the doctor to say it another way.

It is OK to write down what the doctor is saying or you can ASK the doctor to write down what he is saying so you can take it home.

Say NO if you feel uncomfortable - IT IS OK!!

Visit the doctor again for another checkup.


When the doctor gives you a prescription for medication , ask the doctor:

  • What it is
  • Why you have to take it
  • When you have to take it
  • How you have to take it
  • If it will make you feel OK
  • If it is OK to take with your other medications


The doctor might ask you to see other health professionals about your diabetes.

You will be given a letter called a referral. A referral tells other health professionals why the doctor wants you to see them.

Ask the doctor:

  • Why you need to go
  • What they will do.

After the visit to the doctor, you:

  • Will feel well if you follow the doctor's instructions - probably
  • Go back to the doctor if there is no change with your diabetes
  • Go back if you still feel sick
  • Talk to your carer about the visit
  • Show your carer what the doctor has written down
  • Ask for help if you need it

If the visit was not OK, you can:

  • Ask to go back to the doctor
  • Ask someone you know well what they think
  • Ask to see another doctor