Foods that can make you Sick


People with diabetes can get sick if they eat too many fatty or sugary foods.


Eating fatty foods can make you put on weight. Fatty foods are not good for your heart.

pizza             french fries                 sausage roll               fired food                hamburger   

Pizza                      Hot chips                 Sausage roll              Fried Chicken              Hamburger



meat pie                hot dog              cheese                chips                mayonnaise

Meat Pie                      Hot dog                    Cheese                      Chips                       Mayonnaise


Eating sugary foods will make you blood glucose high.

Sugary foods also make you put on weight.

Putting on weight is bad for your heart.


ice cream                cake                  sweet biscuits                    jelly beans      

 Ice cream                     Cake                     Sweet Biscuits                   Lollies

     can of soft drink                        jar of jam                      chocolate    

Soft Drinks                        Jam                         Chocolate


It can be hard to eat healthy food all the time.

Some people find it easier if they:

  • Buy foods that have the word 'diet' or low fat labels

  • Look for the Heart Foundation tick on the labels
  • Drink diet cordial or diet soft drinks
  • Cut off any fat on meat before cooking
  • Take the skin off the chicken
  • Spread butter or margarine thinly
  • Try eating grilled food rather than deep fried foods
  • Ask for a small serve rather than a large serve
  • Exercise more if you have eaten too much
  • Try and only eat a small amount of fatty or sugary food when your blood glucose levels are in the 'ideal' range.


Activity 1


tickTick when you allow yourself to eat a little fatty or sugary food




  When I go out grocery shopping


  When I meet up with my friends or family


  Other times like ..................................


Activity 2

  pencil    Write down what you like to eat when you go out:


  • For Cake and Coffee


  • For Takeaway


  • To the Shopping Centre


  • To the Pub


  • To a Party


  • On a Picnic


  • To a Restaurant


  • To the Place of a Friend who is not a Diabetic


tick        Healthy Foods

person eating healthy food


To keep well, it is best not to have fatty and sugary foods every day.

Eating healthy foods helps you feel well.

Healthy foods helps you manage your diabetes.

Healthy foods are:



Carbohydrates make glucose which gives you energy

pasta      bowl of cereal     potatoes       bread        rice      milk      yoghurt       beans

 Pasta              Cereal           Potatoes               Bread                 Rice                 Milk                 Yoghurt            Dried Beans



Proteins with low fat are healthy food

Proteins keep your body working

meat              milk             fish      

     Meat                       Milk                         Fish


Vegetables and Salad

Vegetables or salad are healthy food.


salad                vegetables

Salad                           Vegetables



Fruits are healthy food.

apple           oranges            banana              grapes            watermelon  

    Apple                Oranges                    Banana            Grapes               Watermelon



Water or diet drinks are health drinks.

water           diet soft drink                  diet cordial

     Water          Diet Soft Drink         Diet Cordial


Oils and Butter

Use only a little bit of oil or butter as it can make you put on weight very quickly


lite oil                               butter

 Oil                                     Butter


Add flavor to your food by using:


chillies             herbs                 garlic               garlic



Healthy Ways to Cook

grill         microwave         stir fry          steam          bbq

     Grill                                Microwave                   Stir Fry                             Steam                           BBQ


Activity 3


Print this page and write down your favorite foods from each group:
  • Carbohydrate foods


  • Protein foods


  • Vegetables


  • Fruit


  • Drinks


Activity 4


Print this page and write down your favorite food for:


  • Breakfast


  • Lunch


  • Dinner


  • Morning Tea


  • Afternoon Tea


  • Supper

Activity 5


pencilTo keep well and healthy it is best to:


  • Spread your meals evenly over the whole day and eat at the same time every day



  • Eat some carbohydrates at each meal



  • Eat foods low in fat


Activity 6


Print this page and write down in the clocks what time do you like to have your meals


  • Breakfast
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Dinner